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The benefits of training in a group

02-September-2015 10:31
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by Admin

Have you ever visited a gym by yourself with the intention of finally getting into good shape, only to find yourself becoming increasingly bored with the workouts, giving up and then wondering why you have failed where so many others have succeeded?

What probably mainly contributed towards your failure was choosing to visit that gym by yourself. Going to the gym with a bunch of great friends in tow can be much more fun - and, as a result, lead to a much longer-lasting and so successful training regime. Below, we point out several good reasons why training with lots of pleasant, friendly company can be so good for your time at Sweat Clubs.

Training with friends can be fantastic fun

Do you know three to five friends who, like you, want to embark on a fitness regime that delivers good results? It doesn't matter if those friends noticeably differ in their fitness levels; you can just remember to set out some group policies to ensure that no-one does more or less than would be best for them.

A major reason why training with friends can be so effective is that, quite simply, you can have an amazing amount of fun with them. If, for example, you and these friends all enroll on the same fitness class at one of the gyms run by Sweat Clubs, you can easily regularly chat to each other. The camaraderie you have with them can turn training from a tedious chore into a reliable source of grin-worthy thrills.

Friends can also help you to recover from a bad patch

Training in a group is, we should emphasise, no guarantee that you will not occasionally struggle with the regime. At times, you could seriously consider throwing in the towel again, but your friends could be there to mentally pick you back up and encourage you to give it another go. They could, for example, help you to overcome any personal problems that are affecting your productivity at the gym - leaving you free to return to training without that monkey on your back.

We can't finish without mentioning this...

We have recently set up a new Smoothie & Juice van, which you can find in West India Quay's dockside. Just imagine you and your friends, fresh from workouts, coming to this to pick up delicious smoothies, and then excitedly chatting about the progress you have all made that day.