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SWEAT Launches Supplement Range FUEL

23-August-2016 14:03
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by Admin

At SWEAT, we do not just focus on exercise. We understand that there 3 important pillars of success when it comes to body transformations and maintenance programs.

Mindset, Training, Nutrition.

Make way for our new nutrition range, FUEL. Designed specifically for our clients. We are one of very few, if any, fitness clubs that have invested our time and energy in creating our very own supplement range, tailor made to our clients needs. Its pretty committed of us! After all, your success is our success.

Introducing the range...


BCCA formula, designed to drink just before, during and after exercise. The product itself is pure branch chain amino acids and benefits include helping reduce muscle soreness, help to reduce visceral belly fat, assist with gaining lean muscle, increased energy during training sessions, help to improve glucose intake and insulin sensitivity.


Our ZMA supplement is a little gem. Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6. This has many beneficial factors that include, better muscle recovery, improved sleep, improved energy levels and immunity. Zinc is also important for maintaining thyroid hormone production. This is important for keeping your metabolic rate (how many calories your body burns) and your fat burning capabilities up. Research confirms that when your diet is low in zinc, thyroid hormone levels fall and resting metabolic rate drops, this in turn can turn to an increase in excessive body fat.


Step forward our Organic Lean Greens. Made with 60% spinach and 40% broccoli. A spoonful of this is the equivalent of 8 servings of green vegetables! Some of the benefits of Lean Greens are making you feel fuller for longer, easily consumable green vegetable intake with the hassle of preparing and cooking when you have a busy day, greens are alkalizing so therefore will help to reduced inflammation within the body as a result of stress,  exercise, alcohol and caffeine.

A real easy supplement to take on with own in water or add to your smoothie or protein shake.


Our Lean Whey comes in 3 simple delicious flavors, Vanilla, Chocolate , Strawberry. No nasty's! The protien content is one of the highest levels of protien in the market, low in sugar (just 1.5g) and low is fat. With the high levels of protein these shakes will make you feel fuller for longer, maintain your blood glucose levels thus maintaining your energy levels and is fantastic to add as a pre-workout snack, post workout snack, throw it into a smoothie in the morning for breakfast or just whip it up on the go when you in a rush and need some FUEL to get your through a few hours. This truly is a market leader.


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