Welcome to the VIP 12 Week Body Transformation Program. To get you on your way, we require you to complete the following form below. This will help us and you track your progress and is one of the keys to success.

We require you to upload three images:

1. Taken from a front view with underwear on
2. Taken from a side profile
3. Take from the back

No one has access to these images except your specific coach and of course yourself. These are fundamental in terms of tracking and seeing your progress from weeks one through to twelve and are compulsory.

Next step we ask you to grab a measuring tape and complete a few site measurements:
1. Waist (measure circumference the narrowest point around wait)
2. Tummy (measure circumference directly around belly button)
3. Hips (measure circumference at widest point of the hips)
4. Chest (measure circumference around mid line of chest or in line with nipple)

We recommend that these are done no later than 2 weeks into your program, once done these will be stored and you will complete the tests again at week 6 and week 12.


If you still not have completed your 121 nutrition session, please email cwbookings@sweatclubs.co.uk.




Our top 10 steps to success for your 12 week program:
1. Eat within one hour of waking up, a meal that has carbs (veg or fruit based), good fats (nuts, seeds, dairy), protein. Essential start to your day. Use the recipe’s for ideas.

2. Always bring a full bottle of water to eat session. No excuses! You will SWEAT allot in each session. We take regular breaks for you to rehydrate and rest. Its important you do not stress your body out and become dehydrated. Our trainers will check!

3. Complete 3 semi private PT sessions per week, each week, for 12 weeks!

4. Aim to eat 4 meals per day, staggered from when you wake up until 2 hours before you go to bed. Each meal does not need to be large but should have the three important elements above, carbs (veg/fruit based... veg is better as less sugar), protein and good fats (oils, nuts, seeds, avocados)

5. Only eat dense carbs on the days that you exercise, a dense carb is sweet potato, quinoa, brown rice. Avoid these foods on the days that you do not exercise. Eat dense carbs 2 hours before you exercise and 2 hours after you exercise. Avoid them for your evening meal.

6. Remove all processed, packaged and canned foods (no bread white or brown, pasta white or brown or white rice... No, No! Nasty stuff!

7. Clear out your cupboards of sweets, biscuits, connivance foods, if its not there, you cannot eat it! Bin it!!!!

8. Aim to eat 4 portions of greens per day (spinach, broccoli, beans, kale ect) If its green and raw, eat it, shovel the stuff in!

9. Water is key, a minimum of 2 liters per day, drink 2 - 3 green teas per day to fire up metabolism

10. Finally... sleep! Do not eat within 2 hours of going to bed or have green tea, get a good 7 - 8 hours of sleep if you can, repair and re-energize!