Check out Tom's testominal. Tom's biggest challenge was that he had just become a new dad. He found that after a few months of no sleep, bad food choices and lack of exercise, his body and is health was going in the wrong direction.


After a Bupa health check onfirmed that his body fat was high, he knew he needed to take action. NOt only for himself, but also for his family.





Check our Marko's story. Working in nanking in Canary Wharf, the "on the go" lifestlye well and truely caught up with him! Marko's biggest problem was his sweet tooth, his lack of exercises and laziness! Fast forward 6 weeks of accountability, nutrition coaching and training!



Charlotte was looking for the right opportiunity to get back in shape. The 6 week challenge was the right place and right time. Having become a new mum she wanted to get back into her old clothes and feel herself again. Check out her story.



Here's a snap shot of just a handful of the clients that have completed our 6 week challenge.