Become a member of SWEAT.

Our exclusive club has a limited membership capacity. Therefore, we only have a limited amount of spaces aviable for new clients each month.


SWEAT is NOT your normal gym. We only offer results based training. Therfore, if you are looking for a normal gym where you just rock up and train, SWEAT is not for you. However if you want to train to get RESULTS, you want motivation, support, guidance and a structured program to follow for a set amount of time, SWEAT is FOR YOU.

The SWEAT group personal training program provides each client with a tailor made nutrition system, coaching, guidance and support as well as access to over 100 semi private personal training slots per week, Monday - Sunday. Anything from 4 - 10 clients per training session and each workout provides constant challenges and evolves with your fitness level ensuring you reach the results that you want.


  • Choose from over 100 semi private personal training slots per week
  • Blueprint nutrition system
  • Tailor made nutrition plan
  • Nutrition training, live webinar's and face to face workshops
  • Private VIP members forum
  • Burn up to 1000 calories in just one 40 minute workout
  • SWEAT App which allows you to book your sessions with ease
  • Luxury towel and sweat towel each workout
  • Lockers, showers and changing facilities available

  • ***Parking is ONLY available to SWEAT clients - Guests are not able to park free of charge

 For further information on our training packages, please APPLY HERE and we will invite you down for a transformation session free of charge.


We offer packages for both Rapid Fat Loss and also Strength and Muscle Gain.

*One session per day per member