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SWEAT Clubs is the leading personal training facility within the wharf. Housing a bespoke and cutting edge fitness equipment, our spacious training facilities are designed to create an experience you can accelerate in and enjoy.



Personal training is the quickest and most effective way of achieving results. Exercising with a personal trainer is up to 70% more efective that exercising on your own.

Once you have been matched with your personal trainer, the journey begins. From the initial consultation and the various assessment methods we use to gain a greater understanding of which training and nutrition methods we use with you in order to achieve your desired results quickly. You'll find that no training session is ever the same.

Many clients come to us having small or sometimes large instabilities around their body, the first thing we work on is getting you moving right, adapting your nutrition and ensuring you are eating right and the majority of clients undertake a fat loss program.

We break our training down into phases to accelerate results:

Phase one - fat loss

Phase two - toning and conditioning

Phase three - maintenance and staying in shape

All of our trainers hold a sport and exercise science degree, along with various personal training qualifications. All trainers have undertook our very own in-house training and development program to ensure that they deliver the right results for our clients. If you would like to discuss in more details, please call 020 7536 9582 or alternatively please complete the form on the left.