Kyle has trained and competed in sporting and endurance events such as the London Marathon, Tough Mudder and Spartan race, therefore he understands how the body needs to be trained in order to get optimum results from exercise.  Whatever your goals, Kyle will discuss some short, medium and long term targets that you will be aiming towards, keeping them realistic and achievable.

With commitment from yourself, I can ensure you that you will not only start to see a drastic difference very quickly but that you will go away from this experience with a greater understanding and education of why the foods we eat and the activity levels we exert are crucial for a healthier lifestyle. I will also cover all your nutritional requirements, what ever they may be.  By getting to know your eating habits I can then design a bespoke eating plan, allowing you to make small changes in habit and eventually leading to a complete lifestyle change in the way you think about food. As well as being a dedicated and versatile trainer I enjoy working with a diverse clientele, specialising in weight loss management, muscular strength and endurance, general health, body composition transformations and Precision Nutrition.

I will assess your current level of fitness, consider your goals and then devise an individually tailored regime to help you achieve sustainable results quickly and safely.
As I believe nutrition is key to achieving results whatever your goals may be, I will assess your current situation, help you create a plan that is not only effective but very manageable, and together we will look to form new habits working towards forming a body composition you desire.

I will educate you week by week on why it is we're doing what we're doing, so that you can take these newly and continually growing skill sets away with you to help others.
I also work very closely with Breakthrough Breast Cancer, and have helped raise over £7000 by taking part in yearly events such as ‘The London Marathon’ and ‘Tough Mudder’ and donate 40p of every paid session to this very worthy cause.


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