London born and raised in Madrid Oscar has had a strong influence from a variety of outdoor activities. He has a competitive background playing sports such Tournament Futsal in Spain and playing Tennis for Greenwich borough in London.

Oscar followed his enthusiasm for Sports and gained a degree in Sport & Exercise Science. Soon after qualifying as a REPS level 3 trainer, he went on to work abroad in luxury hotels as a Personal Trainer. There, he taught classes such as: Spinning, Yoga and Pilates.

His methods involve a variety of science based training protocols to achieve results. He believes in a synergistic approach of applying exercise, nutrition and wellbeing to maintain an equilibrium for a healthy body and mind. He will pay attention to detail to find a way as to what works for you to reach your goals. He will motivate you throughout your journey following a dynamic programme. Oscar thrives from seen results and will be persistent to see you succeed.


Oscar specialises in the following areas:


One to One Yoga training

Fat loss Strength and conditioning

Watt Bike

HiiT (high intensity interval training)

Sports specific training


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